SAHiL Bar & Restaurant is the place to go in order to explore the new face of contemporary Caspian identity.
Neftchilar Avenue 34,
Seaside Boulevard, Baku
The restaurant is in TOP-10
best restaurants in the country
We are open:
12:00 – 02:00
A great stop after a walk on the splendid seaside promenade, SAHiL is one of the most popular restaurant in Baku.
Selected dishes from menu
Autumn - Winter
Herbs Kükü
This stunningly delicious dish is perfect for fans of light food, adherents of eutrophy and lovers of delicious food. The mouthwatering combination of farm eggs and fresh local greens will leave a pleasant aftertaste and make you come back for a new portion. Ingredients: cilantro, dill, green onions, eggs, spices.
Pumpkin Pilaf
Fragrant, fluffy pilaf with tender pumpkin is an outstanding example of the national cuisine of the Azerbaijan's southern regions and is served with smoked fish. An unusual combination of flavors will give you the brightest gastronomic experience and will be remembered for a long time. Ingredients: pumpkin, rice, sugar, smoked fish, butter
12 AZN
Kebabs by your choice
National cuisine of Azerbaijan is best known for meat meals, and an individual place belongs to kebabs. SAHiL restaurant offers a huge choice of kebabs: here you can try almost any kind of this delicious dish. Included: lamb chops, tike kebab, meat lule, chicken kebab, potato lule kebab, vegetable kebab, etc.

Simuzar Suleymanova
Executive Chef
Responsible for the kitchen at the restaurant SAHiL is Simuzar Suleymanova, one of the most famous chefs in Baku, who studied culinary arts at Shahhusein Kerimov, the creator of the famous
"Shah pilaf". She also likes to create new dishes; SAHiL restaurant serves her signature dishes at the moment. She always has a fresh, individual view of the menu.
News & Events
A traditional restaurant that aims to represent Azerbaijani cuisine offers not only typical recipes from the country's rich gastronomy, but also local jazz and folk music performances during the weekend.
National Instruments
At the end of the week SAHiL bar & restaurant invites you to a musical journey, which will be shared by talented performers – tari player, pianist, accordion player, and saxophonist.
Day of Desserts
If you dream about delicate dessert after long day; if you like to decorate family dinners with national sweets; if you want to surprise guests with unusual desserts welcome to SAHiL restaurant. The desserts from world and national cuisines presented in our menu will brighten up your evening and will put up a smile on your face. Also on Thursdays you can buy our desserts with a 10% off.
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Neftchilar Avenue 34, Seaside Boulevard, Baku
Sunday - Thursday 12:00-00:00
Friday - Saturday 12:00-02:00